Are you fighting, Katniss? Are you here to fight with us?

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you know those people who are just luminous, like they’re so beautiful and everything they do is endearing and all you can do is stare and hope that some of their light hits you someday. maybe it’s not even romantic but they’re just such people, they’re humans, and they’re so beautiful that you cannot make yourself look away

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Voldemort was dead, killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy’s shell.

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Parks and Recreation Alphabet → b
 ↳ ben’s butt

"You ever heard Leslie talk about Ben’s butt? I’m all like - damn, girl, you mad sweet on that back meat."

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it’s weird being out in public. it’s like… so many of these people are heterosexual. they are everywhere, they might even think I’m one of them.

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if english isn’t your first language but you think and dream in english and sometimes have to mentally translate from english to your first language when speaking it as a consequence of your consistent exposure to the internet clap your hands

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I’m crying

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Friendly reminder that a trans woman has never been reported to have attacked anyone in a women’s restroom. Also reminder that trans women get attacked for something as trivial as using the women’s restroom.

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